Decoding Fitbit Symbols: Unravelling Their Meanings

Decoding Fitbit Symbols

Fitbit is a well-known brand of smart watches. When I initially got my hands on one of their watches, I was excited to start living a more active and healthier lifestyle. There were a lot of images and symbols appearing on their Fibit’s watches.

So, like a beginner back then, I had to figure out what these symbols meant and how I can I utilize them to get most out of this amazing equipment. In 2022, an unbelievable 120 million Fitbit devices were bought, and I can’t help but think about how many new users felt the same mix of amazement and confusion that I did when they saw these strange symbols.

Today, I’m talking all about Fitbit symbols and excited to share my experiences and learning in this post to help explain the meaning behind every Fitbit icon. So, to get informed about these Fitbit symbols keep reading!

A Guide to Different Fitbit Symbols

Fitbit’s range of health and fitness wearables comes with a variety of symbols and icons. These symbols play a crucial role in helping users monitor their activity, health, and device status. Here is a list of those symbols.

Functional Icons and Symbols

This group includes features and symbols related to fitness and health tracking, as well as communication and app integration.

1. Today Tab

Fitbit Today Tab

I can quickly see all my data and open challenges in the Today Fitbit app on a single, easy dashboard. It’s a really simple approach for me to record my fitness progress!

2. Battery Icon

The battery Icon on the Fitbit is like a lifesaver. It acts as a clear indicator of the remaining power. It keeps me alert to recharge the device.

When the battery is full, the Icon is filled. It gradually reduces as the power drains, a quick and efficient way to monitor the battery life of my gadget.

3. Charging indicator

fitbit Battery Charger Indicator

As we see the charging indicator on mobile and laptop, Fitbit provides this Symbol to give a clear idea of when to charge the smartwatch.

A tiny lightning bolt is inside the battery icon on your Fitbit when you attach it to the charger. That bolt of lightning is equivalent to an indicator that says, hey, your Fitbit is charging up, everything is fine.

4. Step Count


 I had a learning curve regarding step monitoring when I started using Fitbit. However, I later came onto this adorable little Symbol that resembles a person walking, and it tells you to count your steps.

It displays the number of steps you’ve taken during the day. It is a reminder to get active and continue pursuing your health goals.

5. Distance Traveled


Distance traveled symbols show the total distance I have traveled in kilometers or miles by walking, running or cycling. It helps to meet my set distance goals.

6. Calories Burned


The Fitbit represents the burned calories with a flame symbol. It gives an estimated calorie number based on my personal information and the activity level I carried throughout the day.

It monitors my daily energy expenditure and assists me in maintaining a careful balance between the calories I consume and the calories I burn.

7. Floor Climbed Symbol


On my Fitbit is a sign resembling a staircase called “floors climbed.” It’s all about counting how many floors I manage to conquer. It was like having a small fitness companion at my side, telling me to use the stairs instead of the elevator as soon as I saw it.

My Fitbit gives me a high five every time I pick the stairs, and I know I’m improving my cardiovascular health. I can see the progress, even though it’s a tiny adjustment that adds up.

8. Active zone minutes Symbol


My Fitbit’s “active zone minutes” symbols help me to identify when I’ve completed 10 minutes of continuous activity. Interestingly, my Fitbit estimates my exercise’s intensity based on several variables, including my body mass, and employs a concept known as metabolic equivalents.

With this feature, I can get the recommended 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity per week from the American Heart Association.

9. Walking


Within the Fitbit exercise app, there is a “Walk” symbol. I can find everything I need to know to maximize my walking workouts with its help, much like a little map.

10. Heart Rate


The heart-shaped heart sign regularly monitors my heart rate throughout the day. This data is essential for tracking my heart health, maximizing the intensity of my workouts, and comprehending how my body reacts to stress.

11. Sleep Tracking


I love having a good night’s sleep, and my Fitbit’s sleep-tracking tool is helpful. The crescent moon sign represents my sleeping habits, including how long and well I slept. It provides information on the various stages of sleep, allowing me to determine what actions I need to take to enhance my sleep quality.

12. EDA Scan -Stress Management


It can detect changes in your skin’s electrical activity, showing how your body responds to stress. To determine your stress levels, it examines your heart rate patterns, the quality of your sleep, and the amount of exercise you’ve done. This tool has proven helpful in identifying the sources of my stress and incorporating relaxation techniques into my daily routine.

13. Calls


Your Fitbit’s little phone receiver symbol is like your personal call assistant. It ensures you never miss an important call from your loved ones. So, when you spot that Symbol, you know you’re all set to stay connected and catch up with your friends and family without any worries.

14. Text Messages


My Fitbit’s little speech bubble icon is so useful. Whenever I receive a new text message on my phone, it alerts me. I can stay connected without constantly checking my phone, which is convenient.

15. Google Assistant app

By talking to my smartwatch, I could conduct many tasks using the Google Assistant app, like checking the weather, setting alarms and timers, managing your smart home appliances, and more.

Device Management Icons and Settings

The second group covers device management and security features, as well as utility functions for managing the device itself.

SymbolWhat it Does
Alarm IconSets alarms and reminders with silent vibrations
Do Not Disturb ModeSilences notifications for focus and peace
Screen LockKeeps your Fitbit data private and secure with a passcode
Water LockProtects your Fitbit when you’re near water
Find Phone AppHelps you locate your lost or misplaced phone

16.  Alarm Icon


Like an alarm clock, the silent alarm icon allows me to set up vibration-based wake-up calls and reminders. Using the Alarms app, I can set alarms to go off once or often, and my tracker will vibrate to alert me when it’s time for one.

17.  Do Not Disturb Mode


Whether working out, attending meetings, or attempting to get a good night’s sleep, my Fitbit helps me stay focused. I don’t get distracted by notifications, goal celebrations, or reminders because it features a “Do Not Disturb” setting those mutes notifications.

18.  Screen Lock


My Fitbit screen has a small padlock symbol that acts as a data security guard. It guarantees the privacy and security of my Fitbit data. I need to enter a passcode or use another method to authenticate myself to access my smartphone. I feel much better about this, even when I forget to wear my Fitbit.

19.  Water Lock


The water lock icon resembles a small droplet of water. Before I dive, I normally turn on the water lock setting. It is useful for ensuring that I don’t unintentionally damage my device while messed up in water.

20.  Find Phone App


In case my phone is lost, I’m searching for a particular app with the sign of a phone. With its tracking capabilities, this app is meant to assist me in finding my phone.

Advantages of different Fitbit symbols

 Fitbit is a great fitness band that looks like a smartphone when worn around the wrist. It aids with my everyday activity and general health monitoring. The band has several emblems that stand for distinct purposes.

These icons manage my Fitbit’s settings and available apps and display particular info about my exercise activities. Since every Symbol has a distinct meaning, I must comprehend what each means to use the display screen efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Recognising various Fitbit symbols is important in maximising the functionality of your fitness tracker. From monitoring your heart rate, sleep habits, and stress levels to keeping track of your steps and calories expended, these symbols offer insightful information about your journey toward health and wellness.

If the symbols are unclear, consider review the Fitbit user manual or contact customer service for help.

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