How to Find an Apple Watch If Dead?

How to Find an Apple Watch If Dead

Losing track of your Apple Watch can be a painful experience. Whether it slipped off your wrist or got misplaced, the panic of a missing Apple Watch can be quite a lot. The situation is even more challenging when your beloved smartwatch runs out of battery, making you lose hope of making it traceable.

Apple has developed intelligent features and functionalities that could help you find your Apple Watch, even when it appears dead. In this guide, we’ll explore the intelligent features and methods you can use to find your Apple Watch, even when it seems impossible. So, whether your Apple Watch has no battery or has gone missing, keep reading to discover how to find it easily.

How to Locate a Dead Apple Watch?

Have you ever wondered how to find your Apple Watch when its battery has completely drained? Here are steps to follow to locate your dead Apple Watch.

1. On iPhone or iPad

locate a dead apple watch on iphone

You can find your Apple watch on your iPhone or iPad. If it gets misplaced, you can only get back to with MyFind App. Here are simple steps to follow.

  1. Open the “FindMy” app on the iPhone, which is connected to your Apple Watch.
  2. Once the app is open, select your Apple Watch from the list of connected devices.
  3. If you have your Apple Watch within range of your iPhone, you can use the “Play Sound” feature to make your watch create a loud, distinct noise which can assist you in locating it if it is nearby.
  4. If you can’t locate and have lost your Apple Watch, use it and put it in “Lost Mode.” It will show a message on the screen and lock your watch; nobody can use it. Whoever finds it will eventually try to figure out how to return it.

2. On a computer

locate a dead apple watch on computer

Here how can you use the “FindMy” app on your computer by using an iCloud account.

  • Open website.
  • To log in, enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Your Apple Device or iPhone will get a verification code and enter that code.
  • An option of “The Find iPhone” will appear.
  • Then you see a map appear.
  • On top of the page, click “All Devices.”
  • Find an Apple watch of the connected devices and click on it.

How to Check If an Apple Watch Is Stolen?

How to Check If an Apple Watch Is Stolen

You can use its serial number to find out if your Apple Watch is stolen, lost, or out of warranty. The serial number is like a unique code that identifies your watch. One way to use this serial number is to check if it’s on a list of blocked watches. If your Apple Watch has been reported as stolen or lost, it can only be used or unlocked if the previous owner agrees to help you. To check if your watch is stolen using the serial number, follow these steps:

Locate the Serial Number

If you’re buying an Apple Watch from someone who hasn’t given it to you yet, you can ask them to take a picture of the watch while showing the serial number. This will help you make sure the watch is genuine and not stolen. There are three ways the seller can find the serial number:

  1. First, ensure that the associated iPhone is functional.
  2. You may access the Apple Watch app by pressing the iPhone’s home button.
  3. Go to My Watch > General > About to find the serial number or international mobile equipment identification number. 

Check Apple Watch Serial Number for Signs of Theft

  1. After obtaining the serial number of the Apple Watch, you can check its status to discover if it has been stolen. The only reliable technique is to use an online SN/IMEI tester.
  2. Give the checker the SN you received from the vendor, and they will give you a report.

How Can You Recover Your Lost Apple Watch Using Someone Else’s Device?

How Can You Recover Your Lost Apple Watch Using Someone Else's Device

If you don’t have an Apple Device, don’t worry, you can use your friend’s iPhone or Computer to find your Apple Watch.

  • Take an iPhone or iPad.
  • Open the “FindMy” app.
  • Click on the “Me “tab.
  • Select the “Support a Friend “option.
  • Select “Use a different Apple ID “to log in.
  • Use the same login that you use to set up “FindMy.”
  • Follow the instructions mentioned above to find the dead Apple Watch.

How to Find the Last Location of an Apple Watch When Offline?

How to Find the Last Location of an Apple Watch When Offline

To find the last location of your misplaced Apple Watch when offline. You must use another device, like a computer with an internet connection. Login into iCloud using Apple ID, go to Find iPhone, All Devices, and finally, your Apple Watch to discover its last known location before going dead or offline.

Location History on Apple Watch

The location history of your Apple Watch can be checked on your iPhone by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Recent locations will be displayed if you enable “Significant Locations” on your device.

Steps to Find My Apple Watch Offline

Enable the Find My iPhone feature.

  • Tap your name at the top of the Settings menu to access your profile.
  • Choose “Find My” from the drop-down menu. Where Can I Find My iPhone?
  • By enabling it, you can help with offline searching.
  • You can turn it on or off, sending your current position with a single tap.

What Is the Best Way to Locate an Apple Watch If It Is Online?

If the gadget is online, it can be tracked via audio. Follow these Steps:

  • Launch Find My iPhone. 
  • Go to the Devices section.
  • If your Apple Watch is connected, the screen should be turned on.
  • Press the Play Sound button.
  • Follow the sounds to find your misplaced watch.
  • You’ll now hear chirping that’s nearly impossible to ignore.

Wrapping it Up

When your Apple Watch is misplaced or the battery dies, the Find My app is essential for locating it. Using the app, you may see the device’s last known location before its battery died. Try to locate it on time before someone else finds and claims your Apple watch before you. If you have yet to activate the Find My app on your Apple Watch, you won’t be able to find it using any other Apple service. It is recommended to pair up your watch with your iPhone or iPad and enable FindMy app on your Apple Watch to improve its security and expedite recovery if it goes missing.

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1. Is the Apple Watch capable of playing lost sound when the battery dies?

No, a dead battery cannot operate radios to listen to your request to emit a sound.

2. How Can You Avoid Your Apple Watch from Being Misplaced?

You can keep your device secure in safe storage when it is not in use; wearing the gadget tightly on your wrist and using the Find My Application feature can assist in tracking and locating your Apple Watch if it becomes misplaced.

3. Does Apple Watch have GPS maps?

Yes, there is a Maps app for the Apple Watch that allows you to explore your surroundings and get directions. The software makes use of GPS technology to provide location-based services and to assist you in navigating your way around.

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